Truly no words can do justice to your experience and Journey with Sumi and the children. We can only say hats off to all of you and our love for all of you is endless.

A friend, from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

As a professional who had to give bad news to many families and seeing their reaction and often sharing their grief, you come out as a very unique partner for your love, caring, sacrifice and devotion.

A retired neurosurgeon from Jackson, Michigan

A love story which shows and defines LOVE. Living story of Puja, Pujari, the Lover, and the architect of this temple of Love.

A friend from Fontana, California

The only other person I know that uses the term Kaizen frequently is my old boss who is self-made billionaire. Clearly you have a billion-dollar brain to go along with your one in a billion heart!

A friend from Hoboken, New Jersey on building a ramp for Sumi in the garage

This list of Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADL) on your website will be so helpful when I need to prepare such a guide for a future caregiver. Your website is so informative and full of common sense. I feel like your website will be as valuable as a reference as most of the books on caregiving that I have tried to force myself to read. Thank you friend.

A caregiver friend from Rochester Hills, Michigan

KC, I know this is not a celebratory milestone. You have been a brave explorer and teacher. You explore, validate and prove a path and then take us with you. You have overcome hurdles after hurdles for the past 7 years and have brought us along with you.

A friend from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan on the 7th anniversary (Apr, 2020) of My Journey with Sumi

KC’s dedication in managing all kind of hurdles with such valor, vigor and at the same time making the whole process graphical with ongoing essays and speeches in public forums is most commendable to rest of us as role model!

A friend from New Jersey
You have shown me a new path to live my life.

A flower is wilting on a branch, you taught me to nurture this flower.

You have shown me a simple way to read the words of Love.

Made it easy for me to untangle and understand my inner self.

Like Shabri, gave me an opportunity to feed you tasted berries.

Made my problems easier by your candid smile.

Made me realize that you are my temple, worship, and the God.

Holding your tender hands, I experience love, mercy, and compassion.

Sumi, you have shown me a new path to live my life!
- Kanu Mehta