Our Journey

Sumi in 1974

A firsthand account of caring for his wife of 46 years, Sumi, diagnosed with younger onset Alzheimer's disease.

In 2013, at age 59, Sumi was diagnosed with younger onset Alzheimer’s disease. KC Mehta, a former engineering executive at Chrysler, had been happily married to Sumi for more than 40 years but done little caregiving. He hoped for a misdiagnosis, read all the books he could and eventually turned to soul searching and reflection to get them both through the first three years of their journey. At first, he wanted to change Sumi, but he learned that he needed to change to best meet her needs.

He first wrote formally about Sumi’s disease in 2015. Family and friends encouraged him to write more. He now writes a WhatsApp journal called, My Journey with Sumi , that allows him to channel his feelings, document changes, and share a glimpse into their lives with close family and friends. He writes “in the moment” without much dwelling on it or fine tuning, to help process his emotions. He finds it therapeutic.

Over the years, KC has been sharing these writings with his Alzheimer’s support group and various organizations to increase awareness of Alzheimer's disease and help others find solace.