Water Color Painting

Thursday, September 26, 2019, 5:00 pm, 69°F (21°C), Beautiful fall day – sunny and windy

My frequency of writing has reduced over the last few months. Not because there is not much to write about but mainly things are going good with Sumi. She has enjoyed the warm summer weather and I have too. Peggy has been coming regularly in the morning an she has learned even more Gujarati words, phrases and sentences. Khady who used to come, has not come since late May and I have been doing all evening and night shifts and that is partially a cause for not writing as often. We have a new caregiver, Angel, who comes in the evenings, but she had a death in the family and has taken some time off.


The Art of Caregiving classes, for the fall term, resumed from today. In today’s class, we did water color and the theme was to write a word or phrase. I wrote, “The brook would lose its song if you removed the rocks.” Normally, when we listen to the flowing water making sound (songs) we attribute it to the water, but in reality, the stones are responsible for generating the sound. Or, it takes water and stones together to make the songs. They are connected. You remove one and the other ceases. In a similar vein, my writing exists because of Sumi.

I hope you all, who live in the US, had good summer. In Michigan, we still have nice warm weather and the global warming is welcome here. Sorry for people of Mumbai who had to endure a record monsoon rains this year.

I hope to write more often.

Water Color Painting