Umbrella Color-wheel Drawing

Thursday, April 15, 2021 1:30 PM, 43°F (6°C), Sunny, after light showers

I am back after a long absence. NO news was GOOD news!

Sumi and I are doing fine. Everything is going on a steady pace, no ups or no downs. Sumi maintains her clock-work type routine of sleeping, sitting/resting, walking/pacing, eating, BM, etc. Peggy comes in the morning and Selina in the evening.

To give respite to caregivers, the Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center used to offer free art classes to caregivers. I had been going there for over 2 years. But, due to Corona, the art classes were suspended.

Now they have resumed them virtually. Today, we all did “A Girl Walking In The Rain Under Her Umbrella.”

The umbrella colors were intended to be water colored but I did it with the highlighter colors.  

Like her, I feel like walking in the rain, carefree!

Umbrella Color - wheel Drawing