Summary - My Score

Friday, March 31, 2017, 2:15 pm EDST
After sharing 9 Lessons from the Blue Zones book, I did my own assessment as to where I stand if I want to create my own Blue Zone.  For the 9 lessons, there are total 41 items.
Jasen helped me convert scanned pages from the BZ book into an editable Word document.  From that, I created an Excel file.  Shown below is the color legend applied to the Excel worksheet for each of the 41 items:
GREEN:  I am already doing these items
YELLOW: I am partially doing these items
RED: I am not doing these items.
At present, there re 41 items (boxes), of which:
15 are Green (doing it) (37%)
14 are Yellow (partly doing it) (34%)
12 are Red (not doing currently) (29%)
Of the 14 Yellow items, 10 can be converted to green by:
Serve food & Store (rather than putting extra food at the table)
Make food look bigger
Use smaller vessels (buy tall skinny glasses)
Eat more slowly (eat at mom’s pace)
4 to 6 vegetable servings per day (increase vegetables servings)
More beans (include some type of beans or lentils or tofu in daily meal)
Take it easy (drink moderately)
Be early for appointments
Be likable (be less critical)
Of the 12 Red items, 4 can be converted to green by:
Joining a Yoga class
Drinking wine daily
Creating a Mission Statement
Creating a family shrine with pictures of the deceased loved ones
If above are implemented, of the 41 items:
8 will be Red (20%)
4 Yellow (10%)
29 Green (70%)
WhatsApp does not allow to attach an Excel file.  If anyone of you need an Excel file, please let me know and I will share by an email.