Lesson 7

Thursday, March 16, 2017 – 11:06 pm EDST

To strengthen the spiritual dimension of your Blue Zone, try these tactics
Be More Involved
If you already belong to a religious community, take a more active role in the organization. The longevity-enhancing effect may be a function of how you attend rather than the fact that you just attend. Getting involved in activities like singing in the choir or volunteering might enhance well-being and possibly reduce mortality.
Explore a New Tradition
If you don’t have a particular religious faith, commit to trying a new faith community. If you don’t subscribe to any specific denomination, or if you haven’t found a positive religious experience, you may want to explore a belief that is not based on strict dogma. Unitarian Universalism, for example, is open to anyone who believes in the inherent worth and dignity of every person and in the acceptance and encouragement of each individual’s own spiritual journey. Buddhism is another tradition to consider if you are looking for a religious community. There is also the American Ethical Union, which describes itself as a “humanistic religious and educational movement.” The Union was inspired by the ideal that the supreme aim in life to create a more humane society. Members join together in ethical societies to assist one another in developing moral ideas.
Just Go
Schedule an hour a week for the next eight weeks to attend religious services. Don’t think about it. Just go, and do so with an open mind. Studies show that people who get involved with the service (singing hymns, participating in prayers or liturgy, volunteering) many find their well-being enhanced.