Tea Bag Paper - Brush Painting

Wednesday, May 15, 2019, 12:30 pm, 70°F (21°C), Beautiful, sunny spring day

Just returned home from the Art of Caregiving class. In today’s class, we learned how to do art work (painting with a brush) on the tea bags. You can do art work directly on the tea bag or by carefully opening and folding out the thin tea bag paper.

The tea bag I got in the class, had message on the small paper you hold in your hand. It read:
“Love is the ultimate law of life.” I folded out the thin paper of the tea bag and created the attached painting.

You may have seen a photo posted on MJWS by Chand Kenia, my college friend from India, in early March. It showed a man pulling a cart with his injured horse in the cart with a caption in Hindi:

“Agar Zindgi ka Saathi Lachaar Ho Jaye to Usey Chodda Nahin, Sambhala Jata Hai.” I got inspiration from that photo for today’s art project.

Tea Bag Paper Brush Painting