Squirrel vs. KC

Monday, April 27, 2020, 11:00 am 54°F (12°C), Beautiful sunny morning
Bird Feeder
The spring weather has finally arrived. The air is fresh and crisp. The leaves are budding on the trees and wildlife - various types of birds, squirrels, etc. are seen in abundance.
Many years ago, I had read that all stories, movies, drama, life’s events can be broadly classified in the 3 categories:
1. Person vs. Person
2. Person vs. Himself / Herself
3. Person vs. Nature
If I reflect on my life as a caregiver:
1. Taking care of Sumi is a story of a Person vs. Person.
2. When I write essays about my insights, thoughts and feelings, it is a story of me vs. myself.
I have not written much about Person vs. Nature, until today’s post.
In our support groups, we are often asked, “What are you doing to take care of yourself, for self-care?” I used to go to the art classes but that have stopped due to Stay-at-Home regulations. My runs to the Home Depot and Costco have also stopped. So, all engagement happens in the house or looking outside of the house.
With the advent of spring weather, there is rejuvenation and plenty of wildlife to observe outside the window. I have installed a bird feeder on the south side of our den’s window with a black metal pole mounted on the flagpole bracket. The bird feeder is suspended with coat hanger wire from the end of the pole so it is at the eye-level when we look outside from the window (as shown in the photo).
There is one squirrel who has been trying to get to the seeds in the bird feeder. She is very determined and has found ways to get to the bird feeder. Having lot of time on hand, I am also as tenacious to thwart her efforts. We have been going at each other for the last few days.
As we all are deprived of sports on the TV or live games in the stadiums, I will introduce you to a five-game series of very exciting back-and-forth battle between the squirrel and me (for Cricket fans consider it as a five test-match series or for tennis fans as a 5-set final match).
After watching the five videos, you determine who won the 5-match series!
Squirrel won
Score after Match 1
Squirrel 1 vs. KC 0
KC won
Score after Match 2
Squirrel 1 vs. KC 1
Squirrel won
Score after Match 3
Squirrel 2 vs. KC 1
KC won
Score after Match 4
Squirrel 2 vs. KC 2

Who won?

You determine who won. I think the squirrel fore-fitted the match after observing the match conditions. I think I won the series
Score after Match 5
Squirrel 2- KC 3