Print Making

Sunday, April 22, 2018, 3:50 pm, 60°F (16°C), Beautiful, warm sunny day

Past few days have been unremarkable. On Monday, April 8, went to JB and Bharti Shah’s house as JB had invited me to their Book Club meeting. The book was Farthest Field about the second world war fought by the Indian troops at the Burma front. I enjoyed the evening. Especially, the food and more of it for the next few days as Bharti gave me all the leftovers.

On Thursday, April 12, went to the Art for Caregivers class. The class was print making. We all made bumble bee as the spring season is already upon us.

On Monday, April 15, went to Raksha and Devanshu’s house for dinner. Sumi stayed home with Khadi.

Today, very soon I will be going to the Kavya Sammelan with visiting Gujarati poets Shri Hiten Anandpara and Shri Bhagyesh Jha Again, Khadi will take care of Sumi.

The reason for writing about above activities is that I have been able to carve-out time for myself.

It so happens that it will be 5 years on April 24, 2018 since we first saw Neurologist Dr. Aashit Shah, with Sumi's problems. For the last 15 months, I have been "writing in the moment" in MJWS regarding happenings in our lives and my feelings and emotions. So far, I have not written about the initial stages of what precipitated us to see Dr. Shah. For the last few days I have been reading the reports Dr. Shah wrote after our visit 5-years ago and I am going mention few things from that report in MJWS as Dr. Shah had very well captured the events leading to our visit, testing for AD and his diagnoses.

Reliving the history is very difficult and emotional and brings tears but I hope it increases the awareness of this terrible disease to the readers of MJWS.
Print Making