Painted Gratitude Rocks

Friday, May 25, 2018, 1:50 pm, 85°F (29°C), Beautiful, warm blue-sky day

In yesterday’s “Art of Caregivers” class we learned how to paint rocks. To celebrate the spring season, we painted a red bug on a rock. Instructor called it a Gratitude Rock. Each time we see our Gratitude Rock, we need to say or think something we are grateful for.

I am Grateful for:

Having an opportunity to learn new Art and Crafts skills at the Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center

Being blessed with good health

Sumi's reduced anxiety, anger, aggression and apathy

Having Parini, Kevin, Jasen, Jessica and relatives and friends visit us.  Provide encouragement

Be able to handle adversity

Be able to seek and receive help and in return give help to others

Enduring Michigan winter and then enjoy spring, summer and fall weather

Be able to get a sense of proportions, filter out “Noise” and learn to “Live-in-a-Moment"

Be able grieve less for “What Is Not There” and rejoice more for “What Is There.”

Painted Gratitude Rocks