Fawn at Peace in the Woods

Thursday, October 7, 2021, 5:30 pm, 700F (210C), Hazy 

Due to Covid, after almost a year and half, in-person art classes for the caregivers at Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center resumed today.  It felt good to drive in the morning and enjoy the beginning of the fall season and the leaves changing their hues on the trees.
Today we learned how to draw the main object (the fawn) upside down in our journal. We put our journal upside down and started to draw the fawn from the top.  

We also learned about the depth perspective by drawing the faraway trees in smaller and smaller sizes. To this we added atmospheric perspective by softening the far away tress by rubbing a kneaded eraser gently and making them lighter in color.
This softening technique was also used to create a crescent moon and the bright spots on its surface by rubbing with an eraser.
I hope you enjoy this restful fawn in the moonlight.