Chalk Painted Ostrich

Thursday, March 8, 2018, 5:00 pm, 32°F (0°C), light snow


In our support groups as well as every book on the AD I have read, it is emphasized that care partner’s health is very important…. The grim statistics are that 30% of care partners die before the patient. Therefore, the advice for the car partners is - to get involved (spending time with friends, going out for dinners, hosting parties etc.), expand the network, learn new skills, new hobbies, etc.

Recently I came to know about a program called “The Art of Caregivers – for caregivers” which is sponsored by the Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center (BBAC). This program is designed to provide a creative relief from day-to-day tasks of care giving and to inspire artistic adventures via visual journaling, ceramics, painting, jewelry making, etc. A professional artist guides the participant as no “art Experience” is needed. All materials are provided, along with time for socializing and refreshments.

Today was my first class which was from 9:30 to 11:00. I had chance to socialize with other care givers before the class. Today’s topic was Visual Journaling. We created a painting of Ostrich head. There were 10 people in the class and the instructor showed us step by step how to do it. I learned about the type of paper used for chalk painting, complimentary and supplementary color pallets, how to paint, how seal the paper after painting so the chalk does nor smear and how to mount the painting in the journal provided by BBAC.

It was a great relief to be away from home while Peggy took care of Sumi. I am going to like this program and am looking forward to the bi-weekly classes which run through June and then restart in September.
Chalk Painted Ostrich