Sunday, January 27, 2019, 2:30 pm, 15°F (-9°C), partly sunny

પોપટ ભૂખ્યો નથી
પોપટ તરસ્યો નથી
પોપટ આંબાની ડાળ
પોપટ સરોવરની પાળ
પોપટ કાચી કેરી ખાય
પોપટ પાકી કેરી ખાય
પોપટ ટહૂકા કરે

It has been a while since my last post.  Everything is going great.  Sumi has been supper good.  She eats well, has excellent bowl movement and gaining some lost weight during her foot injury. Her temperament has been very happy with minimal agitation or anger. She engages with and enjoys when visitors come. Bharti and Bharat Doshi visited us last night and they were amazed to see the difference in Sumi from when Sumi was injured and Bharti stayed 3 days at our house.

When Parini or Jasen call, Sumi does recognize them from their voices and she wants to kiss them via literally kissing the phone screen!

Above Gujarati couplet form children story captures Sumi’s status well (a mother parrot asks her parrot son to go out and make a living.  The younger parrot flies away to a distance land.  He does well and asks anyone he sees to let his mother know that he is not hungry nor thirsty, he is on a mango tree branch and eats ripe and unripe mangoes and shows his happiness by singing).

Peggy comes in the morning for 4 hours and Khady comes in the evening for 4 hours.  Sumi enjoys their company as much as they do.

My Art for Caregivers classes have resumed.  A week ago, we painted an angle. The instructor asked us to write the names of angles in our lives. There are so many angles in our lives that it was difficult to write them all.  Sumi is the main angle who is teaching me a lot. For others, I used the criteria of the ones who have stayed in our house or who are Sumi’s care givers.