History Repeats Itself in a Strange Way

Tuesday, June 6, 2017, 8:00 pm EDST, 59°F (15°C), Overcast & Cloudy

Sometimes, history repeats itself in a strange way!

When raising Parini, our first child, as Sumi and I were new to the parenthood, we relied on the “Baby and Child Care” book by Dr. Benjamin Spock. Dr. Spock had become an authority in child development in those days. I clearly remember one advice from the book. If the baby is crying too much for no reason, Dr. Spock said, “if the baby is not hungry, not wet or not in pain or sick” you should not worry about the cry.

I fast forward the clock now. I have read lot of books on how to take care of the patient with the AD. One of the book, “The 36-Hour Day” is a guide showing how to care for people who have AD. This book gives advice on difficult situations and I refer to this book for guidance.

The times have changed, the situation has changed. But some functions, such as…feeding, cleaning, bathing and dressing have morphed from doing for a baby to doing for a grownup. The delight of raising a child, which has progressive development but very few experiential memories has now become a conscious decision to take care of a spouse who has lot of experiential memories but not progressive development.
Baby and Child CareThe 36 Hour Day