Saturday June 24, 2023, 1:30 pm, 78C (26F), sunny and warm


Mandala (Sanskrit मण्डल, meaning a 'circle'). It is a sacred space of circular, geometric configuration of symbols. To create a Mandala, the artist starts with an inner circle and expands it outward incorporating shapes or the images of their deity. It can be expanded infinitely representing the visible world around us, our universe, and the invisible one deep inside our minds and bodies. The inner core which always acts as a grounded reality revealing inner truth about us and the world around us. The focus required to create Mandala is intense and it becomes a spiritual and meditative exercise.
Mandalas are also used as art therapy. They are known to reduces anxiety, stress and have calming effect on the artists. It represents artist’s inner feeling and emotions. Art therapist use Mandalas as their tool to analyze client (artist’s) inner state of mind or emotional disturbances.
In the class, we started with two concentric inner circles of different sizes and expanded them outward to whatever came to our mind while doing it. There was no pre-planned design – it just evolved. I spent one hour in the class and about two hours at home last night to finish it. I found it relaxing and meditative. Afterward, had no trouble falling asleep!