Friendship Rekindled

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Many times people ask me if your wife (Sumi) remembers who you are.

Invariably, my pet answer is “I am not sure, and it does not matter as I know that she is my wife.” I also add examples that when Sumi is in a good mood, she differentiates in showing her affection by knowing whom to kiss where.... me on the lips, Peggy on the cheeks and male visitors (Tarun Raval comes to mind) on the forehead.

Peggy, Sumi’s morning caregiver, stopped by this afternoon to say Hi. Due to Covid-19, this was the first time, after the absence of 71 days, that Peggy and Sumi met. When Peggy came, wearing the mask, Sumi was sitting in the den chair and looked at Peggy for few seconds to process who she was looking at. As soon as Peggy extended her hand to Sumi, she got up from the chair.

It was remarkable to see the interaction between Sumi and Peggy. Somewhere along, Peggy’s mask came down, as they were hugging each other. There were more emotional moments, which I could not capture as I was observing them and soaking in the moment when Sumi was actually crying (sobbing) as if she had found a long-lost friend!

I have read that the part of the brain that perceives, receives and gives love does not diminish significantly by the disease. I witnessed that today with emotions on full display.

Now, when asked, if Sumi remembers me, I can cite today’s re-bonding between Sumi and Peggy.
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