From Sumi-masi to Sumi

Sunday, August 8, 2021, 11:15 am, 730F (230C), Hazy

Sumi’s sister, Chandrika; nephew, Aashish; and his wife, Payal, visited us from Aug 3 to August 7 after more than 6 years.

I closely observed how Sumi was making connection to them and they to Sumi. Sumi was at her best and engaging.

To all our friends, Sumi is “Sumi.” But, to relatives Sumi could be Sumikaki, Sumibhabhi, Sumimasi or Sumifoi. Whenever relatives have come, I try to tell them Sumi has no concept of relations, such as, Kaki (father's younger brother's wife), Bhabhi (brother's wife), Masi (mother's sister) or Foi (father's sister), and these formal salutations may have no meaning to her and could confuse her. The best approach is to call her by her name “Sumi.” When Aashish and Payal stated calling Sumi from Masi to “Sumi”, Sumi responded well.

There is book named – “The Best Friends Approach to Dementia Care”, in which the author stresses the same point of letting go of formal relations and becoming a friend with the person with Alzheimer’s.

Sumi’s situation leaves me to ponder, suppose if we discard our formal relations to relatives and treat them as our friends, we could transcend our relations to a new level!

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